The Maternal Mortality Analysis Workshop Begins in Guatemala

The event took place to maintain epidemiological surveillance for better decision-making.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Daniel Coromac -AGN- To reduce maternal deaths in Guatemala, a workshop on the analysis of the mortality situation began with the support of staff from the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance -MSPAS-, as well as international cooperation, the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security -IGSS- and civil society. 

The workshop was organized in compliance with the Law for Healthy Maternity, the health code, and various governmental and ministerial agreements.

Importance of the Activity

These actions are essential for maintaining epidemiological vigilance, in addition to promoting the search for improved decisions that will have a positive impact and benefit Guatemalan mothers.

During the activity, the lines of research on the subject were grouped to collect information for the preparation of the report. The aim was to facilitate timely and accurate decision-making at the local hospital, and ministerial levels, through the different interventions of the attendees.

“A two-day workshop was conducted to analyze the situation of maternal mortality in Guatemala, with the objective of unifying lines of work to prepare the country report,” stated Leslie Samayoa, Vice-Minister of Regulation, Surveillance and Health Control, during the event’s opening.

Interinstitutional Support

The international cooperation partners that supported and joined the workshop include: 

  • The Pan American Health Organization -PAHO-
  • The United Nations Population Fund -UNFPA-
  • The United Nations Children’s Fund -UNICEF-
  • Jhpiego

Civil society representatives include Aprofam and Guatemala’s Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

“It is important for us, as the leading entity, to have the participation of international cooperation and civil society, to build together a path that can allow us to reach all communities and I believe that with a strategic plan, we will reach our goal,” commented Catia Alas, coordinator of the MSPAS Reproductive Health.

The Health Ministry continues to partner with international cooperation agencies and civil society to ensure the health of Guatemalan mothers and thus reduce maternal mortality.

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