The Guatemalan Institute of Migration Prevents Man Charged with Child Abuse from Entering the Country

The Guatemalan Institute of Migration requests the person’s return to his home country.

by Domenika Reyes

On Wednesday, January 18, the Guatemalan Institute of Migration -IGM-, denied entry to a 26-year-old American citizen at La Aurora International Airport.

This occurred during the immigration and passport control area, where it was determined that this person had an active security alert due to a previous history of child sexual abuse.

After being informed of this situation, the person was asked to return to his country to resolve his situation.

Security Commitment

The Guatemalan Institute of Migration reaffirms its commitment to the community and emphasizes the implementation of security measures and protocols to enter and exit the country through La Aurora International Airport.

The IGM points out that these actions are in response to the requirements of legal guidelines, comprised in the Migration Code, operating alongside the Secretariat against Violence, Exploitation, and Human Trafficking -SVET-to prevent people accused of different crimes from entering Guatemala. 

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