The Government Surpasses the Goal of 212,000 PAM Beneficiaries

The program previously received USD 70 million, and the budget assigned for this program will remain at USD 20.3 billion for the next government.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- During the administration of President Alejandro Giammattei, the goal of having 212,000 beneficiaries in the Economic Contribution Program for Older Adults -PAM- nationwide was surpassed.

President Giammattei stated, “Within all the social programs, this one has been a priority for my government. In 13 years, 104,000 people benefited, and in four years, we managed to increase this number by 111%.”

This administration is closing with more than 212,000 beneficiaries nationwide.


The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare -Mintrab- reported that in 2019, 104,000 beneficiaries were registered in the PAM, while this year, this number increased to 212,102 senior citizens.

This program used to receive USD 70 million, and the allocated budget will remain for the next government at USD 20.3 billion.

The Program

The program is implemented by Mintrab complying with the Law of the Economic Contribution Program for Older Adults, Decree No. 85-2005, and its amendments, Decree No. 39-2006 and Decree No. 4-2022.

Adults over 65 in extreme poverty can apply to this program for a monthly economic contribution of 500 Quetzals to cover their basic needs.

PAM is a free program; participants do not need to pay to apply, to receive their monthly contribution, or to have a socioeconomic study done by Mintrab social workers.

For further information on requirements, procedures, contact, and legal conditions, visit the website

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