The Government of Guatemala Will Prioritize the Improvement of Health Services

The Government's plan includes goals to provide high-quality medical services to the population.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN- For the administration of President Bernardo Arévalo, it is essential to develop actions to improve health services and provide better care to the population.

The national plan includes objectives for strengthening the country’s health network. The authorities have emphasized that improvements in this sector contribute significantly to social development.

Quality healthcare

The creation of 400 health centers with improved resolution capacity has been contemplated, as well as the creation of 50 permanent care centers. These goals focus on reducing overcrowding in the main health facilities that exceed their capacity.

The new centers and the proper equipment and personnel will provide all services to Guatemalans, avoiding traveling long distances and choosing quality care in health centers close to their communities.

These actions also include the construction of a specialized public hospital for cancer care. It will involve creating a radiotherapy unit to guarantee better diagnostic precision. The authorities underline that one hospital is not enough to cover these diseases, however, this is a big step to start with specialized care for patients.

The authorities seek to create a favorable change for the country; therefore, these actions will make a difference in the governance system, focusing on a better approach to the population also in the protection of the rights of Guatemalans, and the safeguarding of ethical principles and values.

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