The Government of Guatemala Will Address the Metropolitan Transportation Challenge

The transportation issue is included in this administration's plan.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN- The Government revealed that among its projects is the metropolitan transportation system. Vice President Karin Herrera highlighted the importance of this initiative, emphasizing that it seeks to provide an economical, efficient, and environmentally sustainable solution for the metropolitan area of Guatemala.

The vice president enthusiastically announced the initial phase of building the subway’s first line. This phase contemplates the creation of an initial section of approximately 10 kilometers. The execution of this stage is projected to take about 30 months.

The president’s support for this project is essential to its development and success. The prosperous implementation of the metro would improve mobility in the capital and Mixco and would be significant in Guatemala’s urban transportation infrastructure.

The expectation is that the new transportation system will not only reduce traffic jams but will also significantly improve the mobility of citizens, especially those traveling from the Universidad de San Carlos.

Strategic expansion

The project’s second phase aims to extend the metro from Mixco to Guatemala City to manage transportation needs in outer areas. This expansion seeks to create a more effective comprehensive system connecting residents from different city points.

This measure will help reduce travel time and strengthen connectivity between metropolitan areas. The vision is to create a transportation network that will benefit the citizens of all surrounding areas.

The Government considers this project a solution to the current mobility challenges. It is  an opportunity to modernize and strengthen the country’s infrastructure.

The potential impact on citizens’ quality of life and economic development makes this project crucial to Guatemala’s progress.

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