The Government of Guatemala, Upon the Expiration of Title 42 in the United States

by Pamela Contreras

The government of Guatemala, upon the expiration of Title 42 in the United States, informs that:

– As Guatemala’s president, Dr. Alejandro Giammattei, has repeatedly stated, his administration has no intention of turning Guatemala into a “safe third country” under any circumstances.

-The Guatemalan government has not received any official request from the U.S. government to establish processing and receiving centers for migrants, as unilaterally declared by the U.S. Department of State the previous week.

-According to the government’s actions to promote orderly, safe, and regular migration, President Alejandro Giammattei presented a proposal to the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, for a joint approach to stop the flow of illegal migrants to the United States, including the strengthening of logistical resources, in a telephone call held in recent days. The Guatemalan Institute of Migration sent the same proposal through a diplomatic letter.  

-As a result of an excellent bilateral relationship built with the United States, several talks have also been held with congress members, both from the Republican and Democratic parties, who have joined the request for support from the U.S. government to address this complex social phenomenon.

-The government of Guatemala reiterates its actions in the protection of the lives of Guatemalans, urging people not to migrate illegally, given that the borders are not open, the risks that exist, and the high probability of legal consequences according to the legal framework of the United States.

-Consequently, the Guatemalan Government has undertaken actions, such as increasing penalties for the crime of human trafficking, also known as “coyotes,” and creating economic and development opportunities by building prosperity walls and promoting investment and jobs in the country.

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