The Government of Guatemala Sets Goals for the Education Sector in the 2024-2028 Government Plan

The current administration seeks to expand public coverage and student enrollment.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Jenny Herrera -AGN- During the Government’s Plan 2024-2028 presentation on January 19, Vice President Karin Herrera spoke about the education sector.

She stated, “We cannot leave education behind. It is important to encourage and achieve that 540,000 more students are incorporated into the public education system.”

The vice president also explained that it is essential to integrate students at all levels, mainly in high school, to reach 3.7 million.


She talked about the renovation and creation of classrooms and schools and said, “The creation and renovation of classrooms, lecture rooms, and laboratories in public education is essential to educate with dignity.”

The Government aims to improve infrastructure, guarantee access to water in educational facilities, and create eight regional institutes.

According to the Vice President, “Education is a strategy for educating conscious and capable citizens. We are committed to building the bases of academic transformation as a strategy, developing a Ministry of Education that takes interculturality as one of the pillars of its guiding role.”

Ministry of Education 

The Ministry of Education is the agency responsible for overseeing education in Guatemala. Its main functions are to manage education policy, and to regulate public and private schools.

Finally, the Ministry of Education ensures that the State’s school system contributes to the comprehensive development of the person based on the principles of freedom, justice, security, peace, and the country’s multi-ethnic, pluricultural, and multilingual nature.

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