The Government of Guatemala and farmers’ organizations signed an agreement to address the agrarian situation in the country

The dialogue process started during the last quarter of 2023.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- The government of President Bernardo Arévalo signed a historical agreement with farm organizations to address Guatemala’s structural challenges. 

President Arévalo highlighted that dialogue with different sectors of the country is vital for Guatemala’s development. The president said, “For our administration, dialogue is not just a tool but a key pillar that promotes citizen participation in defining the agendas that effectively solve different needs.”

He said these needs were heard during a dialogue process in the last quarter of 2023.

Commitment to equity 

The president emphasized in his speech that this agreement is given under the premise that all people are equal. “All Guatemalans are equal in dignity and rights. The new government embraces the idea that everyone has something valuable to contribute and deserves to be heard.”

President Arévalo stressed that this conviction reflects the government’s commitment to equity and the just participation of each person in constructing a shared, prosperous future for Guatemala.

He pointed out that his administration stands for language diversity and perspectives since the strength of a nation resides in its capacity to include everyone in the decision-making process. 

Other sectors, such as civil society and international cooperation, attended the event. 

About the agreement 

This agreement aims to promote, during the first 100 days in office, a number of actions to boost the country’s comprehensive development. 

It is the result of a dialogue between the Government and farm leaders. The goal is to address the requests made by farm workers in five fundamental areas for the sustainable growth of the agricultural sector and national development.

The main points of the agreement include:

  • Attention to the prevailing agrarian conflict in the national territory, both urgent and accumulated.
  • Access to land, strengthening and restructuring of the “Fondo de Tierras” Land Fund, and other possible instruments for such purposes.
  • Rural economy, its multi-activity, which involves both agricultural (family farming) and non-agricultural productive activities, or their added value.
  • Land management of sector policies related to rural development focused on the priority territories identified by the government.
  • Creation of a political space for permanent communication between the government and farmer’s organizations.

With this agreement, the government of Bernardo Arévalo reaffirms that dialogue is the way to find sustainable solutions to national problems. 

This administration is committed to fulfilling these agreements and recognizes that Guatemala’s progress can be achieved through collaboration and joint effort.  

The goals

The goal of this agreement is double; first of all, it seeks to promote the progress and welfare of the farm communities by implementing actions to facilitate and encourage access to land. 

These actions represent a steadfast backup for the sustainability of these communities. It gives them the tools and conditions to strengthen agricultural activities and enhance their quality of life. 

Secondly, it is proposed as an effective instrument for anticipating and resolving agrarian conflicts. Dialogue mechanisms are established under the parameters of the constitutional and legal framework in force to facilitate the peaceful resolution of disputes, cooperation, and understanding among all parties involved.

The process involves fulfilling commitments and represents a valuable opportunity to collectively build a more just and prosperous future for all Guatemalans.

Finally, the president thanked the farmers’ organizations for their active involvement, affirming that by working together, they will promote the development and well-being of Guatemala.

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