The Government Analyzes Legal Actions Against the Attorney General

President Arévalo stated to the press that there was a lack of will on the part of the attorney general.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Jenny Herrera -AGN-. President Bernardo Arévalo, along with his Cabinet, stated in a press conference that Attorney General Consuelo Porras’ attendance and leaving the cabinet meeting demonstrated her unwillingness to comply with the law. For this reason, he remarked that his government is analyzing future actions.

The meeting was held this Monday at the Presidential House. The president explained that he did not try to discuss or request information on specific cases following Articles 134-183 Clause M and Article 251 of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala.

In addition, President Arévalo explained that the purpose of the invitation was to establish inter-institutional coordination on aspects of interest to the Government of Guatemala.

The request

The president requested that the Attorney General provide information on the policies followed by the Attorney General’s Office -MP- to align them with the Government’s policies.

He said, “The attorney general was perfectly aware of the purpose of the invitation, based on the receipt of the letters of January 19 and 24 of this year by the Attorney General’s Office. They were sent under the law of the MP, which obliges her to attend and participate in the cabinet meetings with a voice but without a vote.”

Non-applicable arguments

He also explained that the Attorney General argued why she could not stay in the meeting and communicated her decision to leave. With this decision, she refused to comply with her legal obligation established in Article 4 of the Organic Law of the Attorney’s General Office.

He pointed out that the attorney general’s arguments are non-applicable and show a lack of will to comply with the law. 

In conclusion, the president declared that the Government of Guatemala would examine what happened within the next few hours to determine the appropriate legal action.

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