The Fourth Delivery Of School Meal Program Takes Place In Alta Verapaz

It will benefit 3,192 educational establishments throughout the department.

by Astrid Luna

Alta Verapaz, by -AGN- The Departmental Directorate of Education -Dideduc- of Alta Verapaz, launched the fourth delivery of the School Meal Program. The purpose is to benefit students from 3,192 schools in the department.

The Official Rural Mixed School director of the village Petet, Roderico Maxena, said the school provides meals for students from first to sixth grade. They benefit from these meals to ensure their nutritional security.

The students are from Nueva Esperanza, El Esfuerzo I and II, Empleado Municipal I, Saculum, Santa Anita, San Pablo, Petet, and the Chicoj community.

The Details

According to the Ministry of Education -Mineduc-, there is an investment for school meals for preschool and elementary per enrolled student, which allows each child to receive meals for twenty-five school days.

Each delivery of the School Meals Program is conducted with the support of the parents’ organizations -OPF-, which purchases non-perishable products for daily consumption established by the General Directorate for the Strengthening of the Educational Community -Digefoce- for food rations.

The parents are responsible for selecting suppliers and purchasing items based on the suggested menus. The food bag includes white rice, beans, oatmeal, milk, oil, sugar, and eggs.


The distribution of school meals is one of the essential assistance programs promoted by the Government of Guatemala through the Ministry of Education -Mineduc-. 

The program is designed to contribute to the growth and development of children and adolescents attending school.

This program was designed to cover and provide food rations per child.

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