The First Lady meets with the Minister of Youth and Childhood in Spain

Dr. Lucrecia Peinado, First Lady of Guatemala, visited the A LA PAR Foundation in Madrid, Spain.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- First Lady, Dr. Lucrecia Peinado, met with the Minister of Youth and Children in Spain, Sira Rego.

Minister Rego mentioned in her social media account, “Today we have received in the ministry the First Lady of Guatemala, Lucrecia Peinado, to meet and share policies on children and youth of both governments.”

They also emphasized the interest in exploring areas of collaboration between both countries. Dr. Peinado was accompanied by the Spanish Ambassador to Guatemala, José María Laviña Rodríguez.


Dr. Lucrecia Peinado, First Lady of the Nation, visited the A LA PAR  Foundation in Madrid, Spain.

This was part of the beginning of her working tour in Spain. The aim is to create strategic ties with institutions that assist people in vulnerable conditions.

With great emotion, Dr. Peinado toured the foundation’s facilities, which are dedicated to supporting the talents of students with intellectual disabilities.

During her tour, she shared experiences with those in charge of the foundation and new ideas that contribute to the assistance of the people.

These experiences are part of the plans to create better opportunities for Guatemalans and provide quality care in the services offered to early childhood, people with disabilities, older adults, and migrant families.

The Ministry

The Ministry of Youth and Children is the department in the Government of Spain responsible for proposing and executing the National Government’s policy on youth and protecting children, adolescents, and young people.

The department is at the Casa Sindical in Madrid, a traditional site of the competencies related to social services, which have always been linked to the Ministry of Health.

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