The first group of 2024 temporary workers departed Guatemala

The first group of 41 Guatemalan workers traveled as part of the Temporary Labor Program.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN-.  Last Sunday, the first Guatemalans with work visas H2B 2024 departed the country as part of the Temporary Labor Program of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare -Mintrab-.

According to Mintrab, the 41 workers will work in the hotel sector in Los Angeles, California, for six months.

Temporary Labor Program

This program aims to create temporary job opportunities in countries like the United States, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Canada. This program is one of the plans to reduce the irregular migration index. 

The program guarantees that people can count on a decent job and seeks to improve their quality of life. 

Program’s strengthening 

The authorities have stressed that one of the current administration’s goals is to strengthen and create new labor opportunities abroad. This proposal would be a possible response to the irregular migration since people leave the country looking for better conditions for their families. 

To achieve this goal, the Executive Branch has held meetings with international bodies to address this topic and promote strategies focused on the care of these groups.

The Minister of Labor, Miriam Roquel, held a meeting with Besem Obenson, Representative of the UN Refugee Agency in Guatemala. She also met with delegates from the Canadian Embassy in Guatemala to renew cooperation between both countries on labor mobility and employment issues.

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