The Executive Branch Is Efficiently Moving Forward in the Transition Process

The Transition Commission provides details of the process.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by -AGN-. As a member of the Executive Transition Commission, the Secretariat of Communication of the Presidency -SCSP- reaffirmed President Alejandro Giammattei’s commitment to carry out an efficient process.

The Transition Commission recalled that this process began in January 2020 when the President of the Republic instructed the General Secretariat of Planning and Programming -Segeplan- to develop a methodology to facilitate information to the next government.

The SCSP authorities explained in a radio interview that the methodology was based on the recommendations of  the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) recommendations.

The government presented the first proposal on September 4 while delivering the 53 institutional files to the newly elected authorities. These files included all the institutions’ legal and financial information.

The authorities also stressed that the handover of institutional files included the Organization of American States -OAS- participation as part of the support to carry out the transition process.

Meetings Progress

The SCSP authorities explained that the new proposal for the transition meetings should be structural, from a technical perspective, with the economic and health sectors and other agencies.

The Transition Commission members also emphasized the government agencies’ commitment to comply with the schedule to complete the process efficiently. Segeplan estimates that 88% of the process has already been completed. The Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Defense, and the Secretariat of Food and Nutritional Security -Sesan- are pending.

The authorities point out that this process has had different phases: the primary step, sector meetings, and the third phase, which ends with the delivery of the final report.

Follow-up Meetings

The Transition Commission attaches great importance to the orderly and planned exchange of information. The first step in the process is a sector meeting, which is then extended to requests for data if there are doubts. It is precisely the nature of the transition so that the elected authorities know of all the information.

The SCSP authorities indicated that the Ministry of Energy and Mines has held seven follow-up meetings. The Secretariat of Administrative and Security Affairs -SAAS- has also conducted several sessions. It demonstrates the commitment and interest of the administration to know and deliver all the information to the new government.

The Transition Commission stated that some ministries are already planning for the transfer of power on January 14, 2024.

Transition Commission

President Giammattei appointed a Government Transition Commission to maintain constant, orderly, and efficient communication, including:

  • Rafael Rodriguez, Minister of Labor and Social Security
  • Keila Gramajo, Secretary for Planning and Programming of the Presidency
  • Consuelo Ramírez, Secretary General of the Presidency
  • Jovana Estrada, Private Secretary of the Presidency
  • Kevin López, Secretary of Social Communication

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