The Executive Branch Informs About President Giammattei’s Visit to Ukraine

The President’s Press Secretary, Kevin López Oliva, informed about President Giammattei’s recent visit.

by Domenika Reyes

Guatemala City, by Claudia Vásquez (AGN). – At a press conference, the President’s Press Secretary, Kevin López Oliva, gave details about the recent visit of President Alejandro Giammattei to Ukraine.

He mentioned that the delegation comprised the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mario Búcaro; Minister of Defense, Henry Reyes Chigua, and the presidential spokesman.

President Giammattei attended an invitation made by President Zelenskyy himself weeks before during a call on June 23, which was also reported, López Oliva said.

He added that President Zelensky and his government officials personally received the President of Guatemala.

He mentioned that the reason for the meeting was to express solidarity with the Ukrainian people against the unjustified aggression they are currently suffering.

Visiting Cities

On July 25, the President visited the city of Kyiv, where he participated in several activities. He has the opportunity to visit the cities of Borodyanka, Bucha, and Kyiv.

We witnessed the damage caused by the invasion in Borodyanka, a city near Kyiv, where the President paid tribute to the child victims and fallen soldiers, he said.

The President’s Press Secretary highlighted that, during this visit, the President affirmed that we could not be indifferent, we could not remain silent, and, apart from these abuses

President Giammattei expressed his solidarity with the Ukrainian people, called for peace, and sent the message that the conflict must end.

He also visited the Orthodox Church of the Holy Apostle Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Ukraine, and the city of Birkin. The latter was the target of ballistic missiles that left more than 50% of the city in ruins.

As part of their joint statement, Presidents Giammattei and Zelenskyy reaffirmed their support and commitment to strengthening friendly and cooperative relations.

Finally, the Foreign Affairs Ministers held a bilateral meeting, emphasizing that Guatemala is a bridge of peace and economic opportunities between Ukraine and Latin America.

Bridge with Latin America

During the recent visit, they held a meeting with the government cabinet of Ukraine, where they discussed the possibility of exporting Guatemalan coffee.

Ukraine recognizes Guatemala’s potential, and the Foreign Affairs Ministers are in contact to accomplish these commitments and have the possibility of expanding the Guatemalan coffee markets to that part of Eastern Europe. It is a great opportunity to build Walls of Prosperity, the Secretary said.

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