The Economic Contribution Program for The Elderly: More Than 1,400 New Beneficiaries in Izabal

From July 15, the beneficiaries will receive 500 Quetzals per month and medicines for their illnesses.

by Pamela Contreras

Morales, Izabal, Veylin Herrera -AGN- More than 1,400 senior citizens in the department of Izabal received a notification that accredits them as new beneficiaries of the Economic Contribution Program for the Elderly -PAM-.

The President of Guatemala and personnel from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare -Mintrab- participated in the delivery of the notifications.

President Giammattei announced that these are the first nationwide notifications to increase the number of beneficiaries, thanks to the passing of the bill 6218.

“It is a pleasure to be here and to start from Morales with the first notification that covers 44,000 of the 60,000 new senior citizens that we will incorporate this year,” stated the president.

By the end of the president´s administration, he expressed that this benefit would reach more than 200,000 senior citizens nationwide.

“Today, we are reaching 50% of the country’s senior citizens who live in poverty and extreme poverty,” the president concluded.

The delivery 

During the activity, the authorities informed that 1,417 new beneficiaries from Izabal joined the program.

As of July 15, the beneficiaries will receive 500 Quetzals per month and medicine for their illnesses.

This program aims to ensure  people have a better quality of life and economic resources to cover their needs.

“It is an honor; you have given your lives for the country, your work, and the support you have given your families. Today, the Government is returning all your support to this nation through your work,” stated the president.

He also reiterated his commitment to continue working during the remainder of his administration so that this population group would benefit from the necessary resources to live. 


Mintrab informed that to be part of this program, people must meet the following legal requirements:

  • Original birth certificate.
  • A legalized legal copy of the personal identification document.
  • Application form containing the declaration evidencing the individual’s life survivorship.

Likewise, the person must not receive a pension or retirement from other State entities. Neither must they work in any government institution or private sector.

Once these requirements are completed, the person receives their notice, and on the fifth of each month, the person may go to the bank to withdraw the money.

President Giammattei explained that this benefit is free of charge and, in case someone tries to charge, they must report to the bank.

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