The Economic Contribution For Older Adults Program Reaches Nearly 21,000 Beneficiaries in Alta Verapaz

Residents of Santa María Cahabón received notification of the economic contribution for older adults.

by Astrid Luna

Alta Verapaz, by Yulia Muñoz -AGN- As part of the Economic Contribution for Older Adults Program -PAM-,  three thousand and fifty-one new beneficiaries were added in Santa María Cahabón, Alta Verapaz.

During his visit to Alta Verapaz, the President of Guatemala explained that with these new notifications, Alta Verapaz has more than 20,900 people enrolled in the PAM. The President stated, “In less than four years, we have more than doubled the number of assisted seniors. Alta Verapaz, for example, had 4,900 people registered. With over 3,000 notifications sent throughout the department, we reach more than 20,900 people.”

Along with the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare -Mintrab-, President Giammattei shared with the attendees, who thanked the authorities for considering them joining the PAM.

The President also informed that the new beneficiaries will be able to receive their first payment by September 5.


Over 200,000 Beneficiaries

It is a priority for the Government to take care of the senior citizens, which is why President Giammattei´s administration is trying to ensure that the program will cover 212,000 people by the end of his term.

He stated, “I want to announce that we will reach 200,000 senior citizens in less than four years.”

The President has also visited the twenty-two departments in the country to notify more Guatemalans registered in this program. Consequently, there were 49,900 new members of the PAM in the first half of the year.

Economic Contribution For Older Adults Program

The Economic Contribution Program For The Elderly was created in 2005 as a government strategy to support people aged 65 and older.

These actions follow Bill 6218. In 2023, more than 71,000 people will be included in the program.

PAM provides a monthly allowance of 500 quetzals to senior citizens who live in vulnerable conditions and do not receive any state or private benefit.

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