The Course on Models and Strategies to Strengthen Formal Trade Concludes

Thirty officers from the National Civil Police's specialized units graduated from the course.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Kevin Castillo -AGN- At the Ministry of the Interior -Mingob-, 30 officers from specialized units of the National Civil Police -PNC- participated in the closing ceremony of the course on Models and Strategies for the Strengthening of Formal Trade, attended by the Second Vice Minister of the Interior, Otto René Gómez. 

The Secretary General of the Universidad Panamericana de Guatemala -Upana- also attended, as well as the Manager of the Formal Trade Defense Commission of the Chamber of Industry of Guatemala -CIG-, who stated: “The primary purpose of the course is to strengthen the capacities and tools of the specialized units of the PNC.”

In addition, this diploma course continues the fight against customs fraud and smuggling. It also strengthens the security strategies implemented by the Government of Guatemala, through Mingob, to fight crime.


Upana professors taught the course from June 7 to July 21, and the modules offered were:

  • Introduction to strategic intelligence systems in the Fight against smuggling
  • Strategic intelligence management
  • Use of intelligence to address criminal phenomena
  • Methodology of case analysis and strategic intelligence applied to smuggling and customs fraud.

Units with Trained Staff

Among the 30 agents who took the training course are members of different specialized units of the PNC, including the General Sub-Directorate of Anti-Narcotics Information Analysis, and the units of: 

  • National Anti-Gang Criminal Development Division
  • Police Information Division
  • Specialized Criminal Investigation Division
  • Weapons and Explosives Investigation and Dismantling Division
  • Ports, Airports, and Border Posts Division

It is important to mention that 34 officers graduated from the same course last year, which is highly beneficial for the country’s police institution.

Police Transformation Strategy

The Police Transformation Strategy, through its education axis, has obtained results such as:

  • Five thousand six hundred fifty-seven new police officers graduated.
  • Two thousand three hundred and thirty-five PNC officers specialized in human trafficking, crime scene management, and cybercrime.
  • Two hundred officers were promoted to the next higher rank.
  • Two hundred seventy-eight officers of the primary rank, deputy inspectors, and inspectors have benefited from the training course for third officers.
  • Forty-nine agents graduated from the course on strengthening intermediate English language skills.

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