The CADI Starts Operations at Santa Teresa Detention Center

This center ensures the care and well-being of mother inmates' children.

by Domenika Reyes

Guatemala City -AGN.- Over  22 minors will be assisted at the Child Care and Development Center -CADI-  in Santa Teresa Preventive Detention Center for Women.

Authorities from the General Bureau of the Penitentiary System -DGSP- and the Secretariat of Social Services of the President’s Wife -SOSEP- supervised this area, which marked the beginning of operations.

At the event, the heads of both institutions signed an agreement to strengthen their joint actions and help more imprisoned mothers.

CADI aims to serve children up to 4 years of age who remain with their mothers inside the prison. Currently, this is the second CADI to be implemented in a detention center.

Integral Services

The authorities announced that this center is expected to support and care for mothers and their children; in this way, they can carry out different activities during the day.

When children remain at CADI, they are provided with primary care to strengthen their growth and development stage.

Therefore, services in health, nutrition, and education are provided. For this purpose, CADI’s childcare staff guarantees that the minors receive the necessary care and support during their learning process. They are also responsible for their proper food and nutrition.

Support to Inmate Mothers

Authorities seek to implement areas for the welfare of the population in vulnerable conditions. Consequently, strategies are created to support detained mothers in different prisons nationwide.

In September 2022, SOSEP and the DGSP opened a CADI in the Women ‘s Attention Center -COF-, in Fraijanes. This was the first CADI set up in a detention center, and it currently attends  36 children.

The Ministry of the Interior, through the DGSP, has joined efforts with SOSEP to strengthen strategies to provide new opportunities for female inmates and to protect Guatemalan children.

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