The 2023 Leaders of Mission Seminar Concluded with Great Success

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs completed an agenda of training, seminars, workshops, and other events.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Daniel Coromac -AGN- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs -Minex- completed the 2023 Heads of Mission Seminar.

Foreign Minister Mario Búcaro led the event from November 20 to 24 in the Guatemala City. During the meeting, ambassadors and consuls representing Guatemala abroad participated in various activities.


On the first day, with forums, training, and other activities, the officials reinforced their knowledge to guarantee the optimal performance of their functions.

A civic ceremony was held on the second day at the Minex offices, and a presentation of the Technical Institute of Training and Productivity and the officials presented their achievements during their missions. Also, the ambassadors and consuls learned about the work of the Chamber of Industry in favor of Guatemala’s development.

On the third day, the participants participated in an international court hearing simulation to strengthen their ability to represent the country’s interests. They also received a presentation on the Guatemala, Amazing, and Unstoppable country brand by the Guatemalan Tourism Institute. They also learned about the results of the International Labor Organization on protecting migrant workers.

Improving relations with the world 

The participants observed the contributions of the Guatemalan Association of Exporters to promote Guatemalan exports and, as a result, the country’s development. During the closing ceremony, Vice Minister Geovanni René Castillo Polanco emphasized the importance of the role played by mission leaders in representing Guatemala and strengthening relations with the world.

To conclude the week of the seminar, Minister Mario Búcaro encouraged the officials to continue looking after the country’s nationals abroad and to strengthen ties with other countries.

The graduation of Minex officials who completed the basic, advanced, and specialized diplomacy courses was also celebrated. These training courses also occurred at the Antonio José de Irisarri Diplomacy Academy.

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