The 2022-2026 Strategic Institutional Plan -PEI- Strengthens and Improves The Work Carried Out During Dr. Porras Argueta’s First Term as Head of the Public Ministry

by Victor Cojulún

“The 2022-2026 PEI is a continuation in the improvement of efficiency and effectiveness to provide the maximum response to the citizens in their pursuit of justice” stated the Attorney General of Guatemala and Head of the Public Ministry, Dr. María Consuelo Porras Argueta, during the presentation of the First Annual Report of her second administration. The document covers the first six months of the 2022 – 2023 period.

Dr. Porras Argueta is the first to be reelected to lead the institution. The continuation of her mandate is mainly due to how she has strengthened the Public Ministry -MP- in the past four years.

The PEI 2018-2023 outlined the actions under Dr. Porras’ management during the first four years. The MP accomplished 95% of the objectives set for this period. After being elected for a second term, Dr. Porras Argueta instructed the creation of a technical team to develop the PEI for the 2022 to 2026 term.

The PEI is the working guide designed to continue with institutional strengthening. The current plan presents actions that complement and improve the accomplishments of her first term. The goal is to promote effective criminal prosecution and investigation of public crimes.

The PEI 2022-2026 consists of 10 axes. Regarding the previous strategic planning, the new PEI aims to guide the Public Ministry toward concrete strategic actions that will continue to fortify the institution. The plan proposes specific objectives, lines of action, and activities to achieve this goal.

The axes focus on issues such as the fight against transnational organized crime, corruption, impunity, strengthening criminal prosecution, legal protection of the family, and providing specialized attention to victims.

In addition, the axes seek to strengthen relationships with homologous prosecutor’s offices, the Institutional Integrity System of the Public Ministry, creating and implementing specialized prosecutor’s offices, reinforcing technical support units and administrative areas, professionalization and specialization of personnel, and actions to reduce tax arrears.

The 2022-2026 Strategic Plan seeks to improve institutional efficiency and effectiveness by providing timely, prompt, and comprehensive responses to all Guatemalan citizens without distinguishing between criminal phenomena affecting them and their demand for justice.

During the First Annual Report of Activities 2022-2023 presentation, the Attorney General and her team highlighted the progress achieved during their first year of implementing the plan. These accomplishments include, among others, the ISO 9001:2015 certification for Prosecutor’s Agencies in Municipalities, reduction in tax arrears, and strengthening of the fiscal, technical, and administrative areas.

To learn more about the Ministry of Public Prosecution’s 2022-2026 Strategic Plan, please consult the following link:

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