Tayasal: The Home Of The Itzás

The Tayasal rests on the Itzá Peninsula, 75 kilometers from Tikal National Park, in Flores, Petén.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Jenny Herrera -AGN- The Ministry of Culture and Sports -MCD- continues exploring the Tayasal archaeological site in Flores, Petén. Its location in San Miguel, Petén. The area is partially populated, and the site covers approximately 2.3 miles.

The archaeological investigations have shown that the area was continuously occupied from the Pre-Classic to the Post-Classic Maya periods. This information means that the population had three thousand years of ongoing activity.

The architecture of Tayasal included monumental plazas with temples, pyramidal administrative palaces, a Maya ball game, an astronomical observatory, and an acropolis that was the residential and political control center of the kings of the Kanec Dynasty.

According to the research, a carved horse is believed to be submerged in the cenote for the conquistador Hernán Cortés. Tayasal provides a clue to its immense wealth and importance five hundred years after its occupation.

The President of Guatemala has promoted the evaluation, preservation, and promotion of the country’s cultural assets through the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


As part of the restoration of Tayasal,  the site is comprised by:

  • Mayan ball game.
  • Triadic group.
  • Mirador del Rey Canek.
  • Construction of 2,500 meters of trails and paths.

The Tayasal will be the first archaeological park in the country that will guarantee universal access, with trails and essential services for people with disabilities. It will also provide employment and encourage tourism and new commercial investment routes.

Tayasal resurfaces and surprises with its secrets that come to light thanks to archaeological research.

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