Strengthening Food Safety Actions

Sesan authorities announced the actions taken in the fight against malnutrition.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz. -AGN- The Secretariat of Food and Nutritional Security -Sesan- has coordinated several actions to counteract malnutrition in the country.

According to the Secretariat of Sesan, Guatemala is currently assigning  USD 1.3 million to food and nutritional security.

Through the National Food and Nutritional Security System, strategies are created for the involvement of the communities throughout the country.

“We are a coordinating secretariat. We coordinate with 17 institutions with a budget and executing actions in favor of nutrition,” the Sesan official mentioned.


Sesan has updated the Food and Nutritional Security Policy to improve care. The definition of malnutrition has been included in this document to address the deficit and excess food consumption.

Sesan conducts the health and nutrition aids. For this purpose, actions have been taken to institutionalize these activities with the support of international cooperation.

This initiative was born due to the COVID-19 pandemic when authorities detected children  no longer attending health centers. As a result, providing these services to the population was necessary. Thanks to the efforts, the budget was  USD 6.4 million from the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance for nutritional services.

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