Strategic Plan for Rural and Community Tourism Seeks to Promote Strategies for the Country’s Sustainability

The plan aims to create new ideas for strengthening and developing tourism.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN-. The Guatemalan Tourism Institute -Inguat- shared Guatemala’s Strategic Plan for Rural and Community Tourism 2024-2029.

Inguat explained that the rural and community tourism segments are a form of activity to explore destinations surrounded by nature, agriculture, and rural way of life. Therefore, the plan looks to create new ideas for strengthening and developing tourism in the country.

The authorities explain that the initiative is intended to provide different companies and tourism service providers with the necessary resources for the region’s sustainability. It is the first national strategy created to unite the various entities in the sector.

Plan Goals

According to Inguat, one of the strategic plan’s goals is to strengthen coordination among rural and community tourism stakeholders and identify the country’s main challenges and opportunities.

The strategy also includes identifying and considering national and international best practices to implement them. It also attempts to integrate all the projects of the tourism segments related to the Tourism Policy and Plan.

For this purpose, it strives to integrate associations, business and support organizations, service providers such as transportation, lodging, and tourism packages—and finally, the communities and their entrepreneurs.

The strategic plan is guided by the following guidelines:

  • governance and planning
  • sustainability
  • product development
  • skills training and entrepreneurship
  • support infrastructure
  • marketing, promotion, and trade

Inguat also emphasizes that the actions are carried out considering that the rural and community sector is related to a wide variety of products linked to rural nature and way of life, rooted in tradition, local cultures, social structures, and places of interest.

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