Strategic Meeting Addresses Security Matters in Guatemala

During the meeting, an action plan was presented to improve the capacities of the National Civil Police officers.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, Lincy Rodríguez -AGN- The Minister of the Interior, Byron René Bor Ilescas, accompanied by the fifth vice minister, Dana Barillas, participated in a meeting with representatives of the Aerial Unit -Unagob- and the Special Anti-Narcotics Unit -Unesa-. The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen the capacities of strategic units of the security forces.

Strategic reunion 

The meeting took place at Unagob’s facilities. The representatives of this institution had the opportunity to discuss strategies to strengthen its work in the aerial field.

An action plan was presented to improve  the National Civil Police (PNC) officers’ skills.

This project is intended to ensure that PNC agents are properly trained to perform their duties efficiently and safely in aerial operations.

Ongoing training

As a gesture of its commitment, Mingob also urged the representatives of both units to maintain a constant training process for their personnel. This appeal also highlights the importance of keeping agents with the latest developments prepared to face challenges, especially in the security field and the fight against drug trafficking.

Minister Bor Illescas and Vice-Minister Barillas also met with representatives of Unagob and Unesa, demonstrating the Ministry’s approach to strengthening cooperation and improving the capacities of the units in charge of crucial tasks in the country.

Finally, this is a critical step in the constant search for a safer and more secure country for its citizens.

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