SOSEP Provides Comprehensive Care to More Than 12,500 Children

Children under seven years receive care through comprehensive care centers and community houses.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN-. The Secretariat of Social Works of the President’s Wife -SOSEP- cares for 12,825 children through the Child Care and Development Centers -CADI- and community houses.

These centers prioritize comprehensive care for children under seven years old. Currently, the program supports 131 community houses and 451 CADI. This initiative is part of the four assistance programs coordinated by SOSEP.

SOSEP focused on child care during the pandemic to ensure the continuity of this project, which prioritizes assistance to children in the 22 departments of the country and supports their physical, academic, and emotional development.


This initiative focuses on a psycho-pedagogical model that enhances the role of the family and communities.

SOSEP works to promote the comprehensive development of economically and socially vulnerable children. Therefore, the program also involves mothers in productive activities, which are tools for them to generate their income and improve the quality of life of their families.


According to SOSEP, these centers’ main goal is to provide services to children living in poverty. The CADI and community houses operate from Monday to Friday during the hours the responsible directorate sets.

Children obtain supplementary food through daily meals, contributing to their nutritional condition. They also receive health care with weight and height measurements with the support of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance.

Children also get early stimulation activities in the initial stage of development. Likewise, the Ministry of Education collaborates with early education and pre-school services. 

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