Semi-submersible Vessel Intercepted With Possible Drug Shipment 

Authorities will evaluate and assess the shipment.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz. AGN.-  As part of the fight against drug trafficking, the government of Guatemala, through the Ministry of National Defense, conducted an operation to capture a semi-submersible vessel with suspected drugs.

According to Rubén Téllez, spokesman for the Guatemalan Army, members of the Pacific Naval Command have completed the operations on  the vessel intercepted in the Pacific Ocean two days ago.

 The National Defense Navy, with the support of Naval Intelligence and other interinstitutional agencies, noted that three crew members of Ecuadorian and Colombian nationality were driving the submersible. 

“It is something that the investigating authorities will determine. This vessel could be transporting a ton of cocaine or more,” said the spokesman.

On the other hand, Téllez informed that the Public Ministry will  run the necessary tests to quantify and assess  the shipment.

There had not been a case of this type since 2018. According to authorities, that year, the only operation in the Pacific Ocean resulted in the seizure of six tons of cocaine.

Commitment to the Country

The Ministry of Defense, following instructions of  President Alejandro Giammattei, is taking action to eliminate  the possibilities for drug trafficking in the country.

The ministry operates by land, air, and sea. The latter, with the National Defense Navy, aimed to guard  the State’s water areas and protect the country’s interests.

Therefore, the ministry has the support of the law to face transnational threats that use the sea to transport illicit goods.

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