Segeplan Seeks to Restore its Technical Autonomy

Segeplan's current administration is focused on restoring technical and political autonomy.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by -AGN-. One of the principal challenges of the current administration of the Secretariat of Planning and Programming of the Presidency -Segeplan- is to restore the institution’s autonomy.

Secretary Carlos Mendoza believes that political independence is essential, so evidence, data, and methods can help guide strategic planning decisions.

The goal is to rebuild Segeplan’s reputation as a technical and upright institution and to leave behind the negative image of being an instrument at the service of corruption.

Short-term goals 

One of the short-term goals of the new administration is to review and modify the Internal Organic Regulations -ROI- so that the secretariat can function efficiently and ensure it is not perceived as an institution that complicates development but rather one that facilitates it.

The authorities strive to speed up the submitted projects’ approval, maintaining the planning’s rigor and quality while also helping to articulate and coordinate all the public institutions.

Secretary Mendoza indicates that President Bernardo Arévalo has asked to harmonize and guide the plans of all public institutions and international cooperation to serve the most vulnerable and historically excluded communities.

Restoring autonomy

According to Mendoza Alvarado, the new administration will challenge the institution to recover its technical autonomy and use appropriate decision-making tools.

During the presentation of the general guidelines of the new administration for the 2024–2028 period, Secretary Mendoza received the support of the four undersecretaries and the staff during a historic dialogue.


Segeplan is the State’s planning agency, which offers technical advice and assistance to public institutions and the System of Development Councils to link public policy, planning, and programming processes with the National Development Plan and Policy for their proper monitoring and evaluation.

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