Segeplan Holds Second Sector Meeting with the Elected Team

Segeplan authorities delivered the action report to the commission assigned by the elected authorities.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City -AGN- On Monday, officials from the Secretariat of Planning and Programming of the Presidency -Segeplan-, accompanied by representatives from the Government Transition Commission and the Organization of American States -OAS-, presented the report on the Secretariat’s actions to representatives appointed by the elected authorities.

The Secretary of Planning and Programming, Keila Gramajo Vilchez led the sector meeting, which took place at the offices of Segeplan in Guatemala City. 

The purpose of the sector meetings is to exchange information on various topics of interest so that the elected authorities can start working with all the institutional information from day one. It also serves as a forum for resolving doubts for the team of elected authorities.

Secretary Gramajo highlighted the importance of continuing the country’s long-term development path. She explained that since the Secretariat operates with the Katún plan, the development plan is operationalized in the General Government Policy.


Kevin López, Secretary of Social Communication of the Presidency, Keila Gramajo, Manuel Alonzo, Rita Elizondo, Marco Tulio Leonardo, and Franco Martínez represented the Executive Branch.

Diego Paz represented the Organization of American States -OEA- as an ambassador. Carlos Mendoza, Patricia Orantes, Ninotchka Matute, and René Girón attended on behalf of the elected authorities.


During the meeting, authorities exchanged information about planning, programming, and investing for development, cooperation and partnerships, institutional strengthening, and other vital topics Segeplan addresses. 

Second Meeting

Due to the volume of information, the representatives of the Government Transition Commission requested a second meeting to become more familiar with Segeplan’s information. Secretary Keila Gramajo Vílchez emphasized that the methodology established by the two delegations contemplates follow-up meetings to address the topics required by the elected commission and to conduct an organized and systematic meeting.

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