Sector Meeting Highlights Roles in the Secretariat of Social Communication

The elected authorities' transition team expressed interest in future encounters during the meeting.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN- The Secretariat of Social Communication of the Presidency -SCSP- held a follow-up sector meeting at the National Palace of Culture, emphasizing the key roles of its departments. Lesbia Isabel Juárez Quevedo, Ignacio Luis Laclériga Giménez, and Lourdes Hércules, representatives of the elected authorities, attended the meeting.

The Secretary of Social Communication of the Presidency, Kevin López Oliva, and the Undersecretary, Erick Sagastume Álvarez, also participated in this session. This meeting was of particular importance because it addressed the functions of each department of the SCSP in detail.

Upcoming Meetings

The elected authorities’ transition team expressed interest in future encounters during the meeting. The current authorities received the request with complete willingness, reflecting an ongoing commitment to strengthen collaboration and ensure an efficient transition.

The transition teams exchanged information in the meeting room and toured the Secretariat’s offices. The visit included strategic units such as the television set, the network office, the Guatemalan News Agency office, and the editing room. They also stopped by the photography space, highlighting the importance of visual capture in government communication.

This focus on visual presentation was complemented by detailed explanations about the function and interconnection of each unit, providing a comprehensive understanding of the infrastructure.

The sector meeting reviewed responsibilities and commitments and offered a transparent look at the machinery behind government communication, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and strategic planning.

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