Second Week in Office: The Vice President Promoted the Country’s Development

Vice President Herrera participated in different activities to promote development, reaffirming her commitment to the country.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN-. Vice President Karin Herrera attended a series of activities, including the first meeting of the Government Cabinet. In this meeting, President Arévalo and Vice President Herrera called on their work team to commit to Guatemala, act with determination and responsibility, and set priorities and challenges for the coming months.

The vice president also met with members of the G13 to address the current administration’s actions. They talked about the perspectives for the beginning of the term in office and strategic alliances with the international community. Later, the vice president met with the French Ambassador accredited in Guatemala, Odile Roussel, a successful meeting that enabled new opportunities for Guatemalans.

Ministerial meetings 

During the week, Vice President Herrera visited the facilities of the Ministry of Education and met with Minister Anabella Giracca, her deputy ministers, and her work team to learn about their work.

Following the visit to the ministries led by women, the Vice President received the visit of the Minister of Culture and Sports, Liwy Grazioso. In this meeting, they discussed measures for preserving culture and creating spaces of expression for Guatemalans.

She also received the Minister of Economy, Gabriela García-Quinn, to share the work in the first days of her administration and the future actions aimed at a dignified and sustainable economy.

Vice President Herrera met the teams of the different vice presidency offices to work in synchronization.

International media interviews

During her second week in office, the vice president participated in two interviews with international media, the first with CNN Chile, in which she addressed the main challenges of the current government.

The second interview was held with DNews, in which she shared strategies to fight corruption and poverty in Guatemala.

Finally, she participated in the Didactic Units of Sciences 2024 inauguration ceremony of the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. In the activity, she urged the students to work excellently to contribute to the country.

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