Ruta Gastronómica Compiles and Highlights the Culinary Richness of the Country

Recipe Books Aim to Preserve Ancestral Knowledge and Traditions of Guatemalan Cuisine

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN- The Ministry of Culture and Sports -MCD- promotes the Ruta Gastronómica to showcase the extensive, rich, and ancestral Guatemalan gastronomy.

The launch of the second edition took place last July. The new publication consists of five books filled with traditional recipes from the country.

According to the MCD, Guatemalan gastronomy is unique. These recipe books seek to recover the knowledge of grandmothers and mothers who have preserved the cooking traditions and the ingredients used for years, some of which are even described in the Popol Vuh.

Ancient Recipes

For the compilation of content, the MCD documented and recorded recipes over several months of work. The information was condensed into five volumes:

  • Sauces: a wide variety of ingredients is used to make sauces in the country, and each region has its variants. This book showcases the various types of sauces with unique flavors and uses.
  • Tamales: the second tome highlights the importance of this food for Mayan culture and its central role in various aspects due to the main ingredient, corn.
  • Sweets: This volume of the Ruta Gastronómica records the most emblematic Guatemalan desserts, their history, and their secrets.
  • Drinks: The fourth tome addresses the peculiarities of ingredients and ways to make atoles and traditional drinks.
  • Ruta Gastronómica: In this volume, the kitchen traditions are divided into regions, showcasing the most emblematic dishes that enrich Guatemala’s gastronomic heritage.

Guatemalans can find the recipe books through the Ministry of Culture’s official website. These also contain QR codes that allow readers to find instructional videos. These videos demonstrate the procedures and provide other details about the history and ingredients for each dish.

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