Prosecutor’s Office Against Extortion Has Obtained  Over USD 127 000 in Reparation For Victims and Guatemalan Society

Extortion is a crime that affects the Guatemalan population, and thanks to the work of the Prosecutor's Office against Extortion, it has been possible to fight this scourge decisively.

by Pamela Contreras

Actions focused on providing a dignified reparation to the victims seek to compensate for the damage caused and for those responsible to restore the rights violated to the victims or contribute to social development.

The Public Ministry, through the Prosecutor’s Office against the Extortion, has obtained reparation for victims of extortion and related crimes for USD 127 000 through the issuance of convictions.

These reparations have helped several institutions for social, health, and educational purposes, amounting to USD 9,400, and have also resulted in the donation of desks to schools in Zone 18 in Guatemala City. 

As a result, members of the National Division Against the Criminal Development of Gangs -DIPANDA- in Chimaltenango benefited from the donation of computer equipment. The Specialized Criminal Investigation Division -DEIC- of the National Civil Police also received computer equipment, office supplies, and motorcycle replacement parts.

The prosecutor’s office in Chimaltenango requested the donation of supplies to the Community Academy of Drawing and Painting of the Municipal School of Art as reparation to contribute to the comprehensive development of local children and teenagers and prevent them from being involved in criminal organizations.

The authorities donated computer equipment, musical instruments, and art supplies to help students in need strengthen recreation to improve life quality, equitable human development, emotional and psychological stability.

The Office of the Prosecutor against Extortion staff performs these actions to achieve justice for the victims and contribute to Guatemala’s social development.

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