Prices of the Market Basket Are Stable

Price controls were carried out across the entire country.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN-. The Ministry of Economy -Mineco-, through the Directorate of Consumer Assistance and Support -Diaco-, reported on actions to monitor the prices of the market basket.

According to the ministry,  these actions comply with the Consumer and User Protection Law, Decree 006-2003 of the Congress of Guatemala, and Regulation 777-2003, which emphasizes the promotion, divulgation, and defense of the rights of consumers.

Monitoring Operations

According to Diaco, the monitoring was conducted in 26 markets, 27 supermarkets, and 104 convenience stores, including bakeries and tortilla shops in the capital city and the departments, to cover the 34 market basket products.


According to the report shared by Mineco, the 34 products verified showed stable prices or no relevant variations after the holidays.

The variation of the products is in a range of positive or negative five cents.

The market basket is a group of products constituting the minimum necessary to satisfy a family’s energy and protein needs.

These items are adapted, as far as possible, to the cultural pattern, purchasing power, local availability, and prices.

The market basket contains 34 products and quantifies the grams suggested for a household of 4 members to cover the energy requirement of 2,262 calories.

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