President Underscores the Approval of Agreement 1543 For the Inclusion of Migrants in the Social Security System -IGSS-

It establishes the regulation regarding the coverage of the Social Security scheme for Guatemalan migrants.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by -AGN – President Alejandro Giammattei provided details on the approval of Agreement 1543, Regulations on the Coverage of the Social Security System for Guatemalan Migrants.

In his message, the president recalled that the National Innovation and Development Plan 2020-2024 creates the commitment to take public services to countries where there are Guatemalan migrants. He stated, “It is a commitment that I reaffirm today with this sector that, year after year, provides a significant contribution to the national economy.”

He also emphasized that it was necessary to conduct financial and administrative analyses and study the structural and socioeconomic causes of the migratory phenomenon to reach the approval of the agreement.

The president stated, “Today, the coverage of the voluntary social security system for Guatemalan migrants abroad and their families residing here in Guatemala is finally presented.”

Historic Day

President Giammattei described the presentation of the scheme as a historic day since it represents the gradual inclusion of new sectors in the coverage of the Guatemalan Social Security Institute -IGSS-, according to the results obtained during the current fiscal year.

He added, “The extension of coverage that we are announcing has a complete regulatory structure  based on the Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala. It includes the Guatemalan Social Security Institute -IGSS- Organic Law and the implementation of its board of directors legal and regulatory autonomy.”

Furthermore, Executive authorities have indicated that the initiative also includes the legal actions of the institute and will be aimed at fulfilling its mandate to guarantee the right to social security for the Guatemalan population wherever they may be.

Primary Objective

In addition, President Giammattei mentioned that numerous international agreements and treaties support the provision of this human right, which must be done under a delicate financial mechanism.

In his message, the president highlighted that the project’s main objective is to include the migrant population and their core family members residing in Guatemala in the social security system.

Finally, President Giammattei stated that migrant affiliates and their family groups will benefit from the IVS and EMA social security programs provided by IGSS. Government communication channels will provide detailed information about the project.

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