President Reiterated His Commitment to Provide Electricity to all Families

President Arévalo emphasized during the first "Summit de Energía Renovable" that this action is crucial to dignifying Guatemalan families' lives.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN- President Bernardo Arévalo participated in the first edition of the Summit de Energía Renovable (Renewable Energy Summit), developed by the Association of Renewable Energy Generators -AGER-. As part of his speech, he mentioned his administration’s commitment to achieve 100% electrification during his term in office.

He also emphasized that this project is essential to connecting to the world and dignifying the lives of Guatemalan families. The president explained that ensuring the entire population has access to electricity is the first step towards sustainable modernity.

These actions contribute to improving people’s conditions and reducing their environmental impact.

President Arévalo explained that it is important to support the companies participating in this initiative; therefore, his government will give them the necessary help.

Supporting innovation

He also spoke about an initiative that establishes a technological innovation fund to facilitate research and boost the development of industries at the national level.

The Minister of Energy and Mines, Víctor Hugo Ventura, and national and international experts committed to strengthening the energy sector participated in this event.

Transition to renewable energy

The summit aims to plan strategies to enhance the role of renewable energies in the country’s development.

The Renewable Energy Agenda 2024, which prioritizes actions for the energy transition, including good environmental practices, was presented at the event.

Rudolf Jacobs, President of AGER, explained that Guatemala has the potential to continue the energetic transition, as reflected in the 88% to be developed.

He added that a high energy demand must be met by prioritizing the expansion of transmission and generation systems.

Part of the action agenda proposes to advance the Energy Policy with the support of different government agencies, such as the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the National Electrification Institute, and municipalities, among others.

Renewable energy policy

This tool strives to establish guidelines to guarantee the supply of future energy requirements sustainably and competitively. The efficient use of energy resources for conservation and compliance with environmental commitments is foreseen. Guatemala has several resources, such as air, water, and sunlight.

The document seeks to create mechanisms for implementing an information system boosted by the sectors with influence in the industry.

President Arevalo’s involvement in the event reflects his commitment to meeting the people’s needs and evaluating Guatemala’s various options for sustainable development.

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