President of Forbes in Spanish: “Guatemala is Amazing”

Mariano Menéndez highlights that this event seeks to become "Davos in Latin America."

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City. By AGN. – Mariano Menéndez is the president of Forbes in Spanish. He was in Guatemala developing one of the most important forums in the region on economics and business, in the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala.

Menéndez highlighted that the country was chosen because of three important aspects, all of which are factors that have allowed the presence of businessmen, decision-makers, and opinion leaders from the region.

He also stated: “Guatemala was chosen, first, as a matter of integrity between Central America, South America, and North America. It is a fascinating place where different businessmen, notables, and inspiring people converge because there will be all kinds of activities. There will be a spiritual part, a little more coaching, a little more people who inspire young people and entrepreneurs to implement better practices and do things more efficiently.


Mariano Menéndez describes “the city of Antigua Guatemala –the colonial city– which is hosting this event, as one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America, if not the most beautiful, without a doubt. They truly care for it, and everyone falls in love with the city. Once you visit it, you want to come back again.”

He emphasizes that, when talking with businessmen from Colombia, Mexico, and Ecuador, their impressions of this emblematic place in Guatemala have awakened their interest in coming with their families.

“And the warmth of the people of Guatemala and their welcoming to foreigners is amazing, as the campaign, , Guatemala is amazing,” he highlighted.

Strategic Point

Menéndez also mentioned that Guatemala was chosen for the first Forbes Business and Economy Forum in Spanish because it is very close logistically so that everyone can travel and the distances are not far.

“We already had the idea of repeating the forum every year, that would be my wish, to do it every year and generate a kind of Davos (forum) in Latin America, both for Ibo-America, for the Spanish, to have them here and get together to think, to draw conclusions and also generate jobs, generate better conditions for people,” he mentioned.

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