President Highlights New Contribution for Migrant Families’ Access to Social Security

Agreement 1543 guarantees this benefit to fellow citizens who must register and pay a monthly fee.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- President Alejandro Giammattei announced that Guatemalan migrants worldwide will have access to the services offered by the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security -IGSS-.

President Giammattei highlighted the importance of Agreement 1543 in the Sunday program he hosts. The president mentioned that expanding IGSS coverage to include Guatemalan migrants abroad is one of his administration’s contributions and a true legacy for protecting their lives. He also highlighted that the coverage expansion adds to the efforts to improve the services migrants receive from the State.  

About the Agreement 

Agreement 1543 guarantees this benefit to registered migrants who pay a monthly fee of one thousand quetzals, which must be updated annually. Through these efforts, President Giammattei reaffirms his commitment to the migrant community, which significantly contributes to the national economy.

President Giammattei recalled that during the COVID-19 pandemic, remittances sent by fellow citizens abroad represented 20 percent of the Gross Domestic Product -GDP-.

Financial and actuarial analyses and studies of migration’s structural and socioeconomic causes were carried out before the approval of Agreement 1543 was possible.

The Benefits

The president of IGSS, José Adolfo Flamenco, informed about the social security benefits that Guatemalan migrants and their families will have, in conjunction with President Giammattei.

The president of IGSS  explained that the family unit of Guatemalan migrants residing in Guatemala will have access to medicines, hospitalization, surgeries, and pediatric care for children up to age 7.

The institute will provide health benefits to the migrant’s family nucleus, including protection for illness, maternity, and accidents.

The coverage will apply to radiological, laboratory, and other complementary tests necessary for diagnosing and controlling illness.

IGSS will also provide nutrition in emergency services, observation, and hospitalization and strengthening nutrition, health promotion, and specific disease prevention.

Family members included in the coverage

According to the IGSS President, the family unit of the Guatemalan migrant consists of children under seven years of age and their wife or legally recognized partner. These people should be registered in the social security system.

Payment Methods 

The affiliate can make contributions in Guatemala through remittances sent from abroad.

Also, the migrant can pay in Guatemalan banks using a credit or debit card through the national banking system.

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