President Highlights Actions in Defense of Human Rights

The Guatemalan president's statements were made during his participation in the Annual International Religious Freedom Summit, in the United States.

by Gerardo Rafael

Guatemala City, AGN. -President Alejandro Giammattei highlighted the actions that his government has carried out in defense of human rights, both nationally and internationally.

From this account, one of the actions was the adherence of Guatemala to the Geneva Consensus Declaration to Promote Women’s Health and the Promotion of the Family.

“Last year, I had the honor of signing and adhering to the Geneva Consensus Declaration, which protects life from conception. Guatemala was the 35th country to sign it,” said the president.

These statements were made by the Guatemalan president during his participation in the Annual International Religious Freedom Summit, in the United States.

On the Geneva Consensus Declaration

Likewise, the Geneva Consensus is a declaration signed by six states on October 22, 2020. Those states were: United States, Brazil, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, and Uganda.

However, to date, thirty more states have adhered. Today, the declaration has the support of 35 states from different regions of the world.

Guatemala’s adherence to this declaration is a complement to the Public Policy for the Protection of Life and the Institution of the Family.

In addition, this policy was recently promulgated and is consistent and congruent with its international commitments, since it reaffirms the conventional commitment acquired by the state, within the framework of the American Convention on Human Rights.

In Guatemala and in the signed countries of this historic declaration, life is defended, and we will collaborate at an international level so that the sovereignty of our countries, as well as our cultures and traditions, are respected.

Participation in the OAS

During his speech, the president highlighted his participation in the Protocolary Session of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States OAS, where he stressed that Guatemala is a country of faith, where the majority of its inhabitants practice a religion.

“Yesterday, I was at a permanent meeting of the OAS. Do you know what I went for? To protest, because Guatemala was included in Chapter 4D, of human rights violators, such as Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, and you know why, because I signed the Geneva Consensus Declaration, because we have a policy that protects life from its conception.” He pointed out.

Likewise, he emphasized that in Guatemala, life will be respected from its conception, because religion or persecution does not matter, because God will protect those who speak of him and fulfill his mandate.

Furthermore, the president expressed that this inclusion in chapter 4D was in charge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR).

In addition, the president stated that the United States Department of State also condemned him for signing this Geneva Consensus Declaration.

“But not only the IACHR condemned me for having signed the Geneva consensus Declaration. Also, the U.S. State Department, and they compared us to a North Korean regime. It is about raising lies to defend the faith, to defend my beliefs, because I am a doctor by profession, and when I took my oath, I swore to protect life,” the president said.

A Better Legacy

To conclude his dissertation, the president highlighted that at the end of his administration, a better legacy will be left than in previous years.

“I am convinced that in my government we will leave a better legacy than what we found. Rest assured that we are going to fight tirelessly day after day for those who do not have a voice, but who have the right to be born to have their voice,” he declared.

Eventually, he stressed that he will also fight every day so that all children who have a voice can follow the beliefs that their parents indicate and teach them, to promote a people with more principles and values.

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