President Giammattei Urges Guatemalans To Vote and Reaffirm That The Country Is At Peace And Ready For A Civic Celebration

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala, June 23, 2023 – Today, President Alejandro Giammattei stated that the country is in a peaceful and secure condition before the general elections and urged Guatemalans to participate in the civic celebration of voting next Sunday.

“Guatemalans will choose new authorities who will lead our beloved Guatemala,” emphasized President Giammattei in a national address on the occasion of the 2023 General Elections.

He underscored in the message conveyed at the National Palace of Culture that “the vote represents the supreme will of all Guatemalans.” 

“Our general elections are the most legitimate indicator of the common purpose we aspire for Guatemala. The Guatemala we deserve,” he stressed.

Guatemalan citizens will go to the polls to cast their votes. In this regard, President Giammattei declared, “Let us remember that voting must be universal, secret, personal, and absolutely free.”

He pointed out that the upcoming Sunday’s event “is another example we live in a solid and established democracy with regular, free, and participative elections.”

Peaceful, transparent, and secure elections

The president remarked that “as the first public servant of the nation,” he confirmed that the Government “has provided all the safeguards to ensure elections will occur in a peaceful, transparent, and secure environment.”

He said, “The entire Executive Branch stands at the service of the Supreme Electoral Court to ensure that our civic celebration will unfold in a framework of order and law.”

President Giammattei reiterated that this June 25, we will go to the polls “to cast our vote with patriotism and to exercising our citizenship.”

“We live in a country of opportunities,” and these circumstances we have worked for “encourage us to continue to trust in a future of prosperity and well-being for all Guatemalans,” he stressed.

During his message to the nation for the 2023 General Elections, he expressed that each vote represents “our aspirations and desires” for Guatemala and the well-being of ourselves and our families.

He stated, “With each vote, we also convey the challenges we share, which invite us to unite and confront them with a spirit of positivity and progress spirit for our beloved Guatemala.”

President Giammattei underlined, “The preservation and perpetuity of our freedoms, as well as the strengthening of our democracy.”

“Guatemala’s destiny is in our hands.” He stressed, urging people to participate in the elections to make the day “a true civic celebration for all Guatemalans.”

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