President Giammattei: “Today, my country joins the outcry to say enough is enough,” in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The Guatemalan president visited Kyiv in July 2022. He is the only Latin American president to have traveled to Ukraine since the military invasion.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- During his speech at the 78th session of the UN General Assembly in the United States, President Alejandro Giammattei reiterated his support for ending Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The president said, “My country joins the call for the immediate withdrawal of Russian forces while respecting Ukraine’s territorial integrity and national unity within its internationally recognized borders. Slava Ukraini”

The president supports efforts for peace in Ukraine and the retake of Crimea.


The President underscored Guatemala’s commitment to peace to prevail in Ukraine

“We are facing an unprecedented moment today. For over a year and a half, we have watched in horror as the war initiated by the Russian Federation against Ukraine unfolds.”

The invasion violates the most elementary principles on which the international order was based after World War II.

He highlighted that instead of confronting this, we have become accustomed to looking away from a sad, cruel reality that we pretend to ignore.

The appeal

During his speech, President Giammattei urged delegates and representatives to the UN to pursue peace in Ukraine and renovate the organization.

“We need a renovated organization that provides solutions, but above all, we need countries willing to overcome their ideological stances and ancient conflicts.” 

He stressed that this is when human beings, represented by their nations, should join hands and be willing to share their wealth by investing in countries that need to generate it.

Visit and support

President Alejandro Giammattei visited Kyiv in July 2022. He is the only Latin American leader to have traveled to Ukraine since Russia’s large-scale military invasion began.

During his visit, the president underscored the duty to ensure the respect for the human rights of everyone in Crimea and all other regions of Ukraine, regardless of their ethnicity or national origin.

President Giammattei condemned once again Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea nine years ago and emphasized, “We cannot look the other way while our Ukrainian brothers and sisters die. We cannot ignore that one country has forcibly invaded another.”

President Giammattei pledged to support Ukraine’s resistance to Russia’s military aggression.

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