President Giammattei Spoke With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Guatemala raised its voice in favor of stability in Israel with a pacifist stance.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodriguez -AGN-. President Alejandro Giammattei reaffirmed Guatemala’s commitment to peace and expressed his unconditional support for Israel during a dialogue with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

During a phone call with Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Guatemalan president highlighted his nation’s pacifist stance and reiterated his firm support for Israel in these challenging times.

President Giammattei said, “I spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and reiterated that Guatemala, with a strong pacifist vocation, raises its voice for peace in Israel. We confirm our unrestricted support and solidarity in this challenging time and hope for a prompt end to the war.” 

Guatemala, A Voice for Peace

President Giammattei emphasized Guatemala’s commitment to world peace, raising its voice in favor of stability and the end of war in the region. The Central American nation advocates peacemaking, underscoring its unrestricted support for the situation in Israel.

With Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Guatemalan president called for an early resolution of the conflict, urging an immediate ceasefire, reflecting the desire for stability and peace in the region.

Constant Support in Difficult Times

President Giammattei assured that Guatemala will maintain its constant support for Israel, reaffirming its commitment in these challenging times. This statement by the Guatemalan president highlights the country’s position as an upholder of peace and its unwavering support.

Guatemala has maintained excellent relations with Israel for 75 years. It has been strengthened by cooperation and friendship, and both countries have worked together for bi-national development and growth. Furthermore, both countries share common values and interests, reaffirming the solid understanding and fraternity between the two nations.

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