President Giammattei Sends a Message After Meeting With Ancestral Authorities

During a national broadcast, the president urged citizens to obey the ruling of the Constitutional Court.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by AGN – President Alejandro Giammattei gave details of the meeting held at the Presidential Office with the representatives of the ancestral authorities.

According to the president, “I urge you to peacefully respect the order of the Constitutional Court on the limitations of the right to demonstration.”

He informed that he has sent the letters to the Judiciary, the Public Ministry, and the Constitutional Court -CC- so that the ancestral authorities can be heard.

Furthermore, he called for compliance with the Constitutional Court’s resolutions, as the roadblocks violate the rights to health, education, and free mobility. Most importantly, these actions threaten Guatemalans’ lives.

In his address, President Alejandro Giammattei also emphasized that the Executive Branch has adhered to the Constitutional Court’s requirements by achieving the unblocking of roads and main routes.

The constitutional functions assigned to the President of the Republic, in his capacity as the head of state and superior authority of the Executive Branch, must be carried out strictly in adherence to the principle of legality.

In his speech, President Giammattei reaffirmed the commitment to continue advocating for dialogue to find a solution.

Freeing the Roads

Guatemalan government authorities stressed the importance of freeing at least 50% of the roads.

Furthermore, the president reiterated that the country cannot be hindered further and that the damage caused by the roadblocks is irreversible. He emphasized that now is the time to recover.

President Giammattei stated, “From our side, we will continue the dialogue and keep promoting it. Above all, we also need the other party to show good faith and do their part, releasing the capital city´s water.” 

The illegal occupancy of the Xayá Pixcayá water supply plant in Chimaltenango is causing water shortages in health services in Guatemala City, Mixco, and Chinautla.


The message from President Alejandro Giammattei follows the meeting with the ancestral authorities. The mediation commission of the Organization of American States accompanied this meeting.

Article 182 of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala states that the president represents national unity. The Government reiterates that it is responsible for ensuring the rights of all citizens.

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