President Giammattei Reiterates Actions for the Transition Process

President Giammattei shows political will by offering the elected government transition spaces and the presidential office.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Lincy Sucely Rodríguez García -AGN-. President Alejandro Giammattei announced, his commitment to the transfer of power and his willingness to hand over the presidential office to the elected government in a speech to the nation. The gesture, which reflects a clear political will, marks an important step towards consolidating democracy in the country.

In his address, President Giammattei highlighted that the transition meetings began in September and resumed after the elected government team suspended them on October 4. In this regard, he indicated that the renewal of the meetings occurred due to international pressures.

Complete accessibility

A highlight during the speech was the announcement that transition offices have been set up in all ministries and secretariats of the Executive. These offices have been entirely at the disposal of the elected government.

President Giammattei also offered to grant the President-elect access to the presidential office at the Presidential House. This proposal demonstrates the transparency and collaboration of the current government.

President Alejandro Giammattei’s commitment to the transition of power and his offer to provide transition spaces and the presidential office to the elected government are clear signs of strong political will. It also confirms the President’s commitment to democracy and the country’s stability.

These steps pave the way for a successful transition and strengthen confidence in the nation’s democratic institutions.

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