President Giammattei Presents Projects for the Preservation of Guatemala’s Cultural Wealth

President Giammattei highlighted recent actions executed by the central government.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN- During the program “In Consultation with Dr. Giammattei,” the president underscored the recent actions to preserve Guatemala’s cultural wealth.

President Alejandro Giammattei’s administration has committed to creating spaces for healthy recreation, promoting sports, and highlighting Guatemalan history and culture. The delivery of projects to provide the population with dignified spaces for healthy coexistence is a result of this commitment.

During a recent speech, President Giammattei stated, “What happens if we unite? What happens if we set aside our differences? Nearly four years after asking that question, today, I can tell you that it has meant significant projects. Guatemala is amazing, Guatemala is unstoppable, but, above all, Guatemala is culture.”

Renovation of Erick Barrondo Park

The Erick Bernabé Barrondo Park in Guatemala City is one of the recently delivered projects.

President Giammattei officially handed over the renovated facilities. The park’s improvements included BMX cycling tracks, a sports complex, and the first orchid sanctuary, among other spaces. The president invited the population to visit the facilities and enjoy its various attractions.

During the ceremony, President Giammattei emphasized, “Today, with great pleasure, we deliver to Guatemala City and the country a complex that exceeds anyone’s expectations. It is probably one of the most comprehensive sports complexes in Latin America. I invite all Guatemalans to visit it.”

Caracol del Tiempo Museum

Another significant event that reflects the efforts made by President Giammattei’s administration is the inauguration of the José Luis Ralda González Caracol del Tiempo Museum at the Tak’alik Ab’aj Archaeological Park. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization -UNESCO- recently inscribed this site on the World Heritage List.

This museum safeguards the remarkable findings of the Tak’alik Ab’aj site. President Giammattei explained that this new space shows the world the transition between the Olmec civilization and the beginning of the Maya. He highlighted that Guatemalans can feel proud of this museum since it presents the beginning of Mayan history to the world.

Kevin Cordón Park

Kevin Cordón Park “Parque de la Paz” is another of President Giammattei’s administration’s achievements.

Felipe Aguilar, Minister of Culture and Sports, was responsible for the official delivery, emphasizing that these advances offer quality spaces to foster healthy leisure activities among the population.

President Giammattei highlighted that Kevin Cordón Park results from much work and that the park is free of charge. It only requires visitors to observe one rule: to be respectful.

Ruta Gastronómica

The International Gourmand Cookbook Awards considered the Oscars of gastronomy books, recognized the collection of books from the Ruta Gastronómica, from the Ministry of Culture and Sports, as the best in the world. Recipes and preparation processes contained in the five tomes are also available in videos recorded from the kitchens of Guatemalan families who also deserve this recognition.

Museum of Mayan Art

President Giammattei also visited the National Museum of Mayan Art, Archaeology, and Ethnology. At this location, the president presented UNESCO’s accreditation regarding the inscription of Tak’alik Ab’aj as a World Heritage Site.

During the meeting, President Giammattei reaffirmed his commitment to continue working for the country until his administration’s last day, focusing on the population’s well-being and ensuring they enjoy excellent living conditions.

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