President Giammattei Participated In The Ceremony Of The III Anniversary Of The Army Naval Shipyard

The Guatemala Navy Shipyard was established under Agreement 92-2020.

by Astrid Luna

Izabal, by -AGN- President Giammattei, and the authorities of the Guatemalan Army participated in the ceremony of the III anniversary of the foundation of the Guatemalan Naval Shipyard in Santo Tomás de Castilla, Izabal, Guatemala.

The Minister of Communications, Infrastructure, and Housing and the Governor of Izabal attended the ceremony.

During the visit, President Giammattei recalled that in 2020 the Navy Shipyard started operations through Agreement 92-2020.   He stated, “After three years, we have the manpower and machinery ready and willing to generate any vessel.”

The President explained that these actions placed the Guatemalan Army in an unparalleled position in Central America and positioned the country at the leading edge of ship manufacturing.

He thanked the Minister of National Defense for his commitment to continue strengthening the military institution’s capacities to benefit the population.

“It is incredible what was accomplished in three years and six months. We did it and have kept our word, not only with our commitment but also with Guatemala and the Army. I am pleased to notice the increase in the number of people working in this shipyard.” The President mentioned.

The Visit

The Guatemalan Army, through the Navy of National Defense, presented a fleet of 15 vessels that will be used for humanitarian aid activities, national security missions, and search and rescue, among other purposes.

Also, they presented the operation and functioning of the dredging system for the Department of Izabal.

The authorities of the Navy National Defense explained that the shipyard is at the forefront of supporting maritime development in the country. It will be used to build, maintain and repair river, lake, and naval vessels.

For this reason, these capabilities allow the Ministry of National Defense to continue to have independence and support the population with various services.

Finally, it highlighted the creation of the waterways department. Its purpose is to support the population with dredging to prevent flooding. These pathways will allow the waterways to be used as communication routes for the navigation of vessels.

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