President Giammattei Highlights the Professionalism of the Transition Commission

The president informed that the exchange of information will continue.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN- In the presentation of the Transition Report for the 2023-2024 period, President Alejandro Giammattei expressed profound gratitude to the Transition Commission, acknowledging the diligent work of both the outgoing government and the incoming team that will assume office.

President Giammattei expressed gratitude to the Transition Commission for their work for the current administration and the incoming government and underscored the importance of professionalism in the transition process: “It has been demonstrated that professionalism prevails over improvisation, and the desire and will to see a better Guatemala is reflected in the more than 80 meetings. Some institutions have even had seven or eight sectoral meetings.”

He also expressed that this collective effort reflects the desire and will to build a better Guatemala.

Sector Meetings 

The sector meetings have been crucial in addressing specific issues and ensuring an effective transition. President Giammattei emphasized that the commitment expressed in these sessions contributes to shaping the country’s shared vision of a prosperous future.

He also highlighted the common desire to see a better Guatemala, where progress and collaboration are fundamental.

Request for Ongoing Collaboration

Finally, President Giammattei expressed his hope that the elected authorities would request any additional information through established and effective channels for the remainder of the process. This request aims to maintain a smooth and transparent exchange with the press and the public, thus solidifying the commitment to an open and participatory administration.

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