President Giammattei Highlights Joint Efforts to Stop Irregular Migration

The president indicated that the country has bet on attracting investment to create more opportunities and reduce migration.

by Gerardo Rafael

Guatemala City, by AGN – Lucía Contreras.- President Alejandro Giammattei highlighted the actions that Guatemala carries out together with other countries with the aim of stopping irregular migration.

In an interview for the U.S. media outlet Newsmax, the president expressed his position after the death of a dozen migrants was reported in a trailer that was located in San Antonio, Texas.

“We have to see migration from two perspectives: structural and and the current situation. What we need is to address the structural causes of migration, such as poverty.” He pointed out.

In that sense, he stressed that his government has bet on attracting investment to generate opportunities and development in Guatemala. This translates into a decrease in irregular migration. Before this, the president stated that these strategies correspond to an initiative to create economic prosperity.

“It is very important to define the policies that must be addressed and coordinated by the countries that are part of the migration phenomenon such as Guatemala and Mexico, and the rest of the Central American countries,” Giammattei said.

Investment Attraction

The president expressed that Guatemala has worked in recent months to attract foreign investment.

“What we need is more investment. We are trying to bring it in, and we have had results from companies that have come from India, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, South Korea and Spain,” he declared.

In that sense, he mentioned that the country is betting on U.S. companies moving their factories that operate in China to Guatemalan territory.

Therefore, the country works on incentives for international companies to be interested in Guatemala; which would translate into more opportunities for the population and more jobs.

In addition, Giammattei reported that as part of his work tour in the United States, he has met with congressmen from that country to suggest what kind of benefits will be offered to companies that establish themselves in Guatemala.

The nearshoring benefits could create opportunities in countries like Guatemala. Thousands of jobs would be created, addressing the causes of migration with the aim of reducing it.” he added.

Life Protection

Another subject addressed by the president was Guatemala’s position as protector of life and family.

According to the president, Guatemala protects life from its conception, since it is something that is reflected in the country’s Political Constitution and, therefore, cannot be violated.

As a sign of this commitment to the population, Guatemala adhered to the Geneva Consensus Declaration, a document that promotes women’s health and the strengthening of the family.

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