President Giammattei Handed Over Motorcycles and Firearms to the PNC

It represents significant progress in the Infrastructure and Mobility and Police Dignification axes of the PNC's Police Transformation Strategy.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Kevin Castillo -AGN- The President of Guatemala handed over motorcycles and firearms to the National Civil Police -PNC- to strengthen the institution’s capacities.

This activity took place in front of the National Palace of Culture.  The Minister of the Interior, the First Deputy Minister of the Interior, the Director General of the PNC, the Deputy Director General of the PNC, and other PNC and Ministry of the Interior -Mingob- officials were present.

The Delivery 

One thousand new TMR brand motorcycles, Police edition, with a 250 cubic centimeter engine, were delivered. In addition, the police force will have six ATVs and six light off-road vehicles. 

Additionally, 5 thousand Prieto Beretta firearms, model 92FS, 9 mm caliber, were delivered during the activity.

The provision of motorcycles and firearms constitutes an outstanding achievement since it complies with the Police Dignification and Infrastructure and Mobility axes of the Police Transformation Strategy.

The PNC’s Management Scale deputy directors conferred berets to the police officers who completed the Emergency Action Group course with 20 officers and the Special Police Force course with 96 officers.

President’s Participation

Alejandro Giammattei, President of Guatemala, indicated that all actions developed are part of the Government’s 2020-2024 policy and have been carried out transparently.

The president stated, “Today, we have another demonstration of the excellent management of the ministerial authorities with the delivery of one thousand new motorcycles destined to strengthen citizen security.”

He also indicated that the vehicles will be used in specific zones where it is essential to increase security.

Regarding the reinforcement of firearms and shooting practice, he indicated that the delivery of the guns represents a great responsibility for the public force. Therefore, activities for shooting training and updating essential equipment have been implemented.

The president requested the police officers use everything they received to prioritize security and the lives of honest Guatemalans, ensuring their actions always lead to the right path. He also expressed his commitment to continue acting with transparency and determination to leave a better police force than the one received at the beginning of his administration.

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