President Giammattei Condemns Human Rights Violations as a Result of the Roadblocks

The president emphasized that the roadblocks are not peaceful since they restrict the mobility of Guatemalans.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN-. President Alejandro Giammattei condemned the acts of violence and the violation of human rights that have resulted from the national roadblocks.

He pointed out that thinking about the actions and finding a path to express these concerns peacefully and respectfully is essential.

About the Roadblocks

In his message the president emphasized that roadblocks are not peaceful, indicating that they limit mobility and block access to health services, education, work, and life.

He stated,  “Democracy gives us the sacred right to express our opinions and demands but peacefully. I acknowledge that the current situation involves political, economic, and social challenges that must be addressed with urgency and responsibility. As the highest representative of the national government, I want to be clear: all acts outside the law will no longer be tolerated.”

He stressed that the roadblocks result in vandalism to the detriment of private property. Consequently, there is a lack of supply of inputs and others that threaten the lives of Guatemalans and even promote illegal measures. The transition, alternation, and transmission of power are a priority for social peace and the consolidation of democracy in the country.


The president indicated that the only things that can threaten the democratic order are the appeals to roadblocks and acts of vandalism that result and put the lives of Guatemalans at risk.

He added, “Those who arrive with stones and sticks to close businesses, engage in robbery, or extort money for the protests, charging between USD 15 and 50 each day, are the same ones who act aggressively during the roadblocks under the influence of alcohol. They shame and force the population to dance to allow them to pass. These people are not peaceful demonstrators.” 

President Giammattei highlighted that this is contradictory because those who carry out these acts demonstrate in favor of peace and democracy. He said he would request the corresponding arrest warrant to apply justice through due process.

Promoting Dialogue

The Ministry of the Interior underlined that, dialogue has been privileged for eight days with those who have demonstrated in the country’s different sectors. He mentioned that the call is for common sense, peace, and democracy in the country through dialogue to unite to seek peaceful solutions and maintain public order and social stability.

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