President Giammattei Announces  Visit to the Republic of China (Taiwan)

The head of the Executive visit aims to support bilateral initiatives and international cooperation.

by Domenika Reyes

Guatemala City, by Veylin Herrera – AGN – The president of Guatemala announced that his visit to the Republic of China (Taiwan) to strengthen bilateral relations will begin on Monday, April 24.

President Alejandro Giammattei said that during this official visit to the Asian nation, he will address cooperation topics for two and a half days.

He also highlighted that the agenda will be defined with the ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Guatemala to make the most of his visit.

These actions seek to improve bilateral support to maintain the development of both nations.

Work Agenda

On the other hand, the president shared some key points that will be discussed with the authorities of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Among them was the support of China (Taiwan) in working with the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction-Conred- in the event of natural disasters.

In this way, it is expected to have a fund to address the adverse effects that climate change may cause in the national territory.

Likewise, the president also highlighted that a nearshoring agreement with the fellow nation is under analysis to strengthen the production of important products for both countries.

Investments for Guatemala

The president will visit the largest Taiwanese companies in the country interested in establishing operations in Guatemala.

Likewise, the first Guatemalan coffee shop will open in the Republic of China (Taiwan) to promote Guatemalan coffee.

This aims to attract investors and boost the Guatemalan economy in an important international market.

Strengthening of Relations

Guatemalan authorities emphasized that the president’s visit represents Guatemala’s commitment to enhancing bilateral relations.

It reaffirms its support for the Republic of China (Taiwan) as an independent and sovereign nation.

For this reason, the two days of the visit will benefit and improve both nations’ living conditions.

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